Helping chicks hatch, yes or no?

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Helping chicks hatch is definitely an issue that goes to the heart with artificial brooding. The question is, by what circumstances do some chicks not hatch successfully from the egg? Are they weak animals? Genetically conditioned? This is how Mother Nature actually selects reasonably. Because a weak chicken, for example, is usually not sufficiently viable. … Read more

How are eggs fertilized? Fertilization and sexual maturity

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This article is about fertilization of eggs as well as sexual maturity. Chickens are used as an example in this paper because mating is essentially no different in any breed of poultry. The fertilization During fertilization, the rooster climbs onto the bent hen and presses its cloaca onto that of the hen. The cloaca in … Read more

Hatching eggs – 10 tips for more success

Hatching eggs 10 tips

These tips are applicable to eggs from poultry or similar bird species. Tip 1 – The preparation It is important to be aware of how you are proceeding ahead of time. Therefore, you should prepare or dispose of the following things: Rearing box: The nursery is your home for your chicks for the first 2 … Read more